Friday, January 3, 2014

Book Review: Midrealm

The first chapter of this book starts out with an overachieving high school girl, Sarah, talking about the day that she and 5 other kids entered Midrealm. It starts out as a normal day at school, Sarah has been running for student body president and is nervous about the election results. Part way through the day She is called into the principals office because Miles, a guy she tutors, was caught cheating on a biology test. She assures the principal that Miles would not cheat in that class considering it is his best subject. Nevertheless, Miles ends up in detention for the day so Sarah offers to do their tutoring session in the detention room.

After school, and finding out that she won the election, Sarah goes to detention to tutor Miles. Raven (goth girl), Blade (bad boy), Tess (shy quiet girl) and Calvin (Sarah's cousin, the mad scientist kid) are also in detention for various reasons. Several minutes in they all pass out and wake up in Midrealm. In Midrealm an old man tells them that they are Realm Keepers, the fate of both worlds rests on their shoulders and they need to run because Chaos is hunting them.

Each episode is told by a different character and it's rather interesting to see how they view the life they've been forced into. While the story started out a little slow, by the time I started reading episode two I was hooked. The book has quite a bit of high school drama in it but it also deals with some darker topics which made the whole thing a little more gripping than the first few chapters suggest.

The most interesting part for me was that they don't get to sleep anymore. Well not really, their consciousness travels between the two worlds so while one body is resting the other is wide awake. This causes a ton of problems back on "True Earth" when their parents literally can't wake them up.

Even though it took me a while to really get into the story I have to say I'm really looking forward to the next book in the Realm Keepers saga. The authors definitely ended this one on a cliff hanger.

I got to read a copy of this for free compliments of StoryCartel

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