Friday, January 17, 2014

Book Review: Sheep in a Jeep

What happens when a bunch of sheep try to drive a jeep? It gets stuck in the mud and they need pigs to help push them out.

My daughter and I read this book as part of her literature and comprehension class. Sky was able to read it on her own and learned about changing her tone of voice when she sees exclamation points. She thought it was hilarious when they had to sell the broken jeep at the end of the story.

Sheep in a Jeep has only a few sentences per page and everything rhymes making it easy for little ones enjoy the story. While this book worked great as an early reader for my oldest daughter, my 12 month old's were also able to pay attention as she read it. The pictures of the sheep are very expressive allowing young children to recognize when the sheep are happy or sad.

We have an older copy of this book which didn't include the Make-Your-Own-Sheep activity but Sky did pretend she was a sheep as she retold the story. She got way into it and came up with funny sheep voices.

All together this is a great older book for young kids.

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