Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Book Review: Princess Ruby: The Make Up Ballet Class

I got to read a digital copy of this book for free through Storycartel so I figured I'd see what my 7 year old thought of it. The book is about a young girl who is nervous about going to a new dance class because she won't know anyone there. In the end she faces her fear, goes to the class, and has a great time.

My daughter liked the book well enough, though she liked the bright colorful pictures the best. The only reason I gave this a four instead of a five was that it was a little basic for my kiddo. I think this would go over better with four and five year old kids. That said the ballet terms were a little advanced for the age group that I think would like this the best.

For me, I liked that they showed a realistic scenario that a lot of kids (and adults) go through when they step out of their comfort zone. Great premise and I will probably read it to my twins again when they get a little older. 

I placed the review above on Amazon but wanted to add a little more here. 

Along with the digital book I also got to listen to the audio book. The narration is great and I loved the different voices. The narrator did a an excellent job of making the book come to life and I actually enjoyed it more than reading the print version on its own. My oldest daughter also enjoyed the audio book better, partially due to my mispronunciation of some of the words :) but mostly because of the great voice acting. Well done!

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