Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Book Review: Street Smart Vegan: A Simple Guide To Going Vegan

This book has a ton of great information not only on going vegan but also on eating right. Jay Wesley Anderson does a great job of showing the benefits of the vegan lifestyle without preaching to the readers. He outlines the dangers of chlorine, fluoride, high fructose corn syrup and aspartame as well as the problems with dairy and meat. Not to mention he backs up all his claims with hard evidence. The best part about this book was that it was easy to read and even though there is a lot of information packed into the pages it doesn't feel overwhelming.

The only negative thing about this book is that it has some editorial errors. There's a few places where words are doubled up or misplaced.

A few years ago I was having some digestive problems and cut meat out of my diet for about 6 months. During that time I felt better and seemed to have more energy. I have been toying with the idea of becoming a vegan for some time now and this book gave me a few more reasons to give it try. I think I just found another new years resolution.

I got to read this book for free compliments of Story Cartel.

The above review was originally posted on Amazon.

This book is a really good reference guide for starting out on the path to becoming a vegan. The recipes look like they would be good although I have no idea where I would find wheat-grass juice, among other things, in my town. There are also a few websites listed with vegan recipes if the ones in the book don't look appealing. 

I really enjoyed the interview with the guy that lost 125 lbs by going vegan. He gave some great insights into what it was like and what he ended up struggling with. 

Regardless of whether the vegan diet/lifestyle appeals to you this book has some great information on healthy living. 

To check out this book on Amazon Street Smart Vegan: A Simple Guide To Going Vegan

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