Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Book Review: Zombie West Trilogy

I've got to say that when I first read the title and description for this book I was skeptical.  I mean, come on, zombies in the old west? I definitely did not expect to get wrapped up in the story. But I did,  I enjoyed all three books and had a hard time putting them down to sleep at night.

Red has a secret, zombie bites don't kill her, and desperate people want to tear her apart to find out why. Initially Trace sees a wanted poster with her picture and follows her in the hopes of making a quick buck. But through several close calls in towns he begins to understand why she's running and eventually he even falls in love with her. Together they accumulate a small group of people who are trying to outrun the plague.
I won't say these books had me hooked from the first chapter on, Red and Trace are fairly abrasive and take a while to warm up to, but by around the 5th or 6th chapter I was all in. These books had me on the edge of my seat and at one point in book three I had to set the book down and pull myself out of the story so I wouldn't cry.
If you are a fan of zombies or just good thrillers, this book is definitely one to check out.
I got to read a free digital version of this book through Story Cartel.

I originally posted the above review on Amazon.

I really enjoyed this series. The characters caught my attention and some of their actions took me by surprise. My favorite book of the series is the last one. I thought the character development as well as the shocking turn of events near the end was very well done. My favorite character, from his first appearance onward, has to be Kitchi, the tough as nails, brutally honest native boy. Although to be fair, I really liked all the characters. These are some great books, kudos Angela Scott, very well done.

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